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Until this day, we had 0 cases of Covid and we really hope that this stays like this until the end of the season. We follow 100% all the safety measures  and the whole area of Chalkidiki yesterday had 0 new cases . 

Our hotel will be open until the 10.10.2020 and we are looking forward to meeting you 




We would like to inform you that our Hotel will open its doors on 26/06/2020 according to the latest Government letter with number 2081.


This year the holidays at your favorite hotel will be slightly different but without altering the overall experience. In addition to all the necessary protocols required by the Greek State, there is an informal protocol that the company must follow  in order for us all to be safe. Amari Hotel announces that for the entire season non-resident s of the hotel will not be allowed to enter

We assure you that you can make your vacation safe, without crowding and with all the necessary health protocols in full implementation. There will be special information material on the hotel premises which will inform you in detail about the work and the measures that took place before and during the operation of the hotel.

 With a sense of responsibility, we announce that in case there is a need to isolate a customer due to suspicious symptoms, the customer will be able to stay in a hotel room special for this purpose.

Below we list in detail some of the changes in the daily operation of the hotel for our customers.


  • The pool will be able to accommodate a maximum of 40 people, according to health regulations.
  • Before using the pool, customers must take a shower in the shared shower or in their room.
  • No non-hotel guests will use the pool or sun loungers.
  • The sunbeds will be located at the appropriate distance of two meters and will not be allowed to move.
  • The sunbeds will be disinfected regularly by the hotel staff and disinfection facilities will be provided for any customer who wishes.
  • It is worth emphasising  that according to experts, the virus does not survive in the sun and in the strong temperatures of the season, after a few minutes
  • . The only practical danger of a possible transition is the very close contact of people in the water. In combination with the observance of the above protocol, swimming in the pool  will be as safe as always

                                                                    Room  Cleaning:

  • Customers must complete the check out by 10:00.

  •  Customers will check in at the room at 15:00.
  • Late check- in is only possible if the room is empty for the rest of the day.
  •  Cleaning the room for new arrivals includes steam -cleaning of furniture, disinfection with chlorine-based disinfectants for floors and special care for  frequently used surfaces. Daily cleaning won’t take place unless  the customer asks for it. Of course whatever the customer needs  will be provided in the appropriate way.
  •  Bed linen change 3-4  days  unless they don't want to 
  •  The sorting of the used linen  will be done in special bags according to the existing regulations
  •  Each room from  the arrival until the departure will be served by a specific pair of maids.

                                                                  Bar and Restaurant :

  • Disinfection machines will be placed in conspicuous places , the use of which is mandatory by all customers who come.
  •  The staff during the meal will use all the necessary means of self-protection (Gloves, masks)
  •  Breakfast and afternoon meals are divided into two time zones to ensure attendance and avoidance of concurrence.
  •  The service at the buffet will be provided by the hotel staff and not the guests. The guests can chose what he wants at the buffet ,but not serve himself. 
  •  Staff will not come into contact with the customer table throughout the meal.




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